Techwebasia was born in the end of 2014. We respond to request from our friends wanting friendly partners. Partners who listen and understand brands needs. We are a group of specialist in websites building, social media and communication.


Using opportunities that surround us in cyber world in a way that bring value to brand and company.

We are specialize in optimizing and selecting solutions to small companies. That requires knowledge of the tools and internet market. High value tools often exceeds companies budget. We are solving this issues by finding way to get best technology that is needed. We offer resources that You need, and you can scale in future.

Ask yourself how and what excite You on a daily basis while using internet. Will You chose and stay longer on website that is fast or wait minutes till page by page loads. Most of users chose speed. And its most important in our planning. Understand how peoples will use Your website is a key to success. Content is the second thing and that is mainly what is Your job to provide.

Our motto for internet solution is simple.

You dont’ need a truck to move box of matches

Unknown Internet Philosopher


Running marketing is not easy task. There have to be always connection and synergy between sales and image.

Our main goal in marketing and ads is simple. Reach Your audience in a way and in a time when Your communication can be heard and understand. It seems easy but in a storm of ads everywhere around human senses its difficult way. That’s why its important to properly understand needs, communication code and behavior of peoples that are in a group of Your potential clients.

We are specialize in niche market, mostly LGBTQ group. We understand how society and communities work.

Speak their language when they ready to listen

Peter P

We support LGBTQ organizations, businesses in their way to create better recognition of rights and empower their economical potential.

rainbow flag

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